Rules and Reminders


Shakespearience is an exciting field trip and for many students, their first time seeing a live performance! Please help encourage proper theatre etiquette by reviewing the following rules with your students and chaperones:

1. Instruct your students to turn off their cell phones and keep them in their pockets the entire time.

2. No talking during the show. Laughter and applause is wonderful - talking is not. Out of respect for the performers and the rest of the audience, refrain from talking or whispering during the show.

3. The show is 90 minutes long and there is no intermission so make sure you've gone to the bathroom before you leave for the theatre. There is a very small window of time once you arrive at the theatre to use the bathroom before the show begins. Also, don't send an entire class of students to the bathroom at once - send them one at a time. Once the show begins, please stay in your seat unless it's a dire emergency.

4. Eat before the show, not during the show. The Alex Theatre prohibits any food or drink in the theatre.

5. Respect the space and the comfort of those around you. You are not the only school in the theatre and you don't want to ruin the show for the other students.

6. Please instruct your students to leave their backpacks, lunch bags, and personal belongings on the bus. For security reasons, students are not allowed to bring any bags of any kind into the theatre for any reason.

Please make sure your chaperons strictly enforce these rules. Any students that don't follow these rules may be asked by the theatre staff to leave the auditorium and wait in the lobby for the remainder of the performance.



  • Submit payment before final deadline (must pay in full 30 days prior to show).
  • Integrate the Shakespearience study materials into your lesson plans.
  • Secure chaperones for field trip.
  • Confirm the field trip with your administration.


  • Begin Shakespeare unit in class utilizing the preparatory study materials.
  • Show your class the free Shakespearience Pre-Show Seminar online.
  • Confirm transportation.
  • Confirm chaperones.


  • Check your email to make sure you’ve received from us your Entrance Voucher (which is your ticket), a seating chart showing your seats and a parking map.
  • Send parental permission slips to parents.
  • Arrange lesson plans for your substitute.
  • Email reminder of field trip to your staff.


  • Verify that all permission slips have been returned.
  • Turn permission slips into the school office.
  • Contact chaperones about departure time and length of field trip.
  • Drop off lesson plans for substitute.
  • Remind students of proper theatre etiquette (no cell phones, backpacks or talking).


  • Take attendance of participating students before departure.
  • Check in with school office and chaperones before leaving.
  • Review directions to the Alex Theatre with bus driver.
  • Plan to arrive at the Alex Theatre 30 minutes prior to the show (add extra time for traffic).
  • Remind students that they cannot leave the Alex Theatre once they arrive (even to go to the bus).
  • Upon arrival, check in with the Alex house manager.