The Tragedy of Hamlet

When Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, discovers that his father was murdered by his uncle in order to gain the throne, he embarks on a quest for revenge which ultimately destroys the young prince. Thus begins the Bard's most complex exploration of human ambition and vengeance.

Having recently discovered that his father was murdered by his uncle to gain the throne, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is alone contemplating suicide when he is interrupted by Ophelia, daughter of Polonius and beloved by Hamlet.

Secretly sent by the King and her father to determine the reason behind Hamlet’s increasingly agitated state, Ophelia offers to return Hamlet’s love letters to him.

However, the young prince, disgusted with his mother’s remarriage to his uncle (and perhaps aware of Ophelia’s collusion with the King), rejects Ophelia’s advances.

In the course of their conversation, Hamlet becomes openly hostile and urges her to “get thee to a nunn’ry”. Upon his departure, Ophelia is left alone to lament Hamlet’s apparent descent into insanity.

HAMLET - As the Prince of Demark and only son to the late King of Demark and his wife, Queen Gertrude, Hamlet is highly intelligent, yet deeply depressed having just discovered that his father was in fact murdered by his uncle to gain the throne. Teetering on the edge of sanity, Hamlet keeps his uncle’s treason a secret from everyone as he struggles with how best to deal with his murderous uncle. In a famous speech, he contemplates suicide when he asks “To be, or not to be; that is the question.” However, instead of ending his own life, Hamlet decides to revenge his father and expose his uncle’s treason.

OPHELIA - Ophelia is the daughter of a nobleman (Polonius) and the object of Hamlet’s affections. Kind, compassionate and concerned for Hamlet, she is willing to do anything to help lift Hamlet out of his deep melancholy. Naturally subservient to men, she acquiesces to her father’s wish that she should spy on Hamlet – a decision which ultimately spells the end of her relationship with Hamlet.