A Midsummer Night's Dream

Four young lovers lost in the forest seeking true love set the stage for this magical masterpiece which chronicles Shakespeare's hilarious look at love and the fanciful folly which inevitably arises.

Both Lysander and Demetrius are in love with Hermia but not with her friend Helena. On the other hand, Hermia loves only Lysander while Helena is deeply in love with Demetrius.

When the four lovers enter the woods of Athens, they catch the attention of fairy Puck who attempts to rectify the situation with magic. Intending to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena, he accidentally enchants Lysander thus intensifying the problem.

Puck then casts a spell on Demetrius as well which results in both men madly pursuing Helena while Hermia is left alone. The scene begins with a bewildered Helena being courted by Lysander and Demetrius as Hermia accuses the confused maiden of stealing Lysander.

LYSANDER - Desperately in love with Hermia, Lysander is a young man of Athens. Romantic, loyal and clever, he concocts a plan to elope with Hermia through the forest and marry her at the home of his wealthy widow aunt. However, when he crosses paths with a mischievous fairy named Puck while traveling through the woods at night with Hermia, he has a spell placed on him which causes him to fall in love with Helena, much to the bewilderment of Hermia.

DEMETRIUS - As a wealthy young nobleman, Demetrius is also in love with young Hermia and unlike Lysander, has her father’s permission to marry her. Haughty and entitled, he scorns Helena and her romantic advances despite the fact that the two once had a secret relationship – instead, Demetrius focuses all of his amorous attention on Hermia. When Lysander and Hermia escape into the woods, Demetrius follows, hoping to bring Hermia back to her father. Unfortunately, he too has a spell cast on him by Puck which causes him to fall madly in love with Helena as well.

HERMIA - Hermia is the daughter of a stubborn, old nobleman named Egeus who has decided – against his daughter’s wishes – that she should marry Demetrius. While short in stature, Hermia is feisty and willful, especially in matters of the heart. Determined to disobey her father and follow her heart, she secrets away with Lysander at night to get married. While traveling through the forest, the two become separated. After frantically searching for him, she finally discovers him madly courting Helena. Although Hermia and Helena have been friends since childhood, Hermia becomes convinced that Helena has somehow stolen her true love from her.

HELENA - A dear friend of Hermia, Helena is devoted to Demetrius despite the fact that he openly loathes her. After Demetrius decides to follow Lysander and Hermia into the forest, Helena decides to follow Demetrius into the forest in a last attempt to win his love. After her losing her way in the forest, Helena stumbles across both Lysander and Demetrius who are now inexplicably in love with her. Believing this to be a cruel trick planned by the other 3 lovers, Helena is deeply hurt at her former friends’ apparent betrayal.