The Taming of the Shrew

Infamous for her "intolerable" disposition, Katherina Minola is supremely confident that no man will ever place a ring on her finger – that is, until she meets Petruchio! As their verbal sparring quickly becomes physical, the two begin to test each other's resolve and ultimately, their love.

Bianca, the young daughter of a wealthy merchant in Italy, is widely sought after as a wife. However, her father refuses to marry her until her older sister, Katherina, has found a husband. Unfortunately, Katherina’s wild and “intolerable” disposition makes her a difficult prospect for marriage.

As such, three of Bianca’s suitors band together to find Katherina a husband so that they might each try their luck at winning the hand of Bianca. They decide on Petruchio, a gentlemen from Verona, as the most likely candidate for “taming” Katherina.

The scene between Petruchio and Katherina begins with the two encountering each other for the first time. Their verbal sparring quickly becomes physical as the two test each other.

Despite her best efforts to drive him away, Katherina is unable to dissuade Petruchio from his intent to win her, and the scene ends with Petruchio triumphantly declaring that he was “born to tame” Katherina and shall have her as “my wife.”

KATHERINA - Infamous throughout Italy for her short fuse and sharp tongue, Katherina (or Kate) is the oldest daughter of Baptista Minola, a wealthy gentleman from Padua. Katherina’s razor wit and explosive temper have made her a nearly impossible prospect for marriage, placing her father in a difficult position. Katherina is not afraid to stand up for herself, both verbally and physically making her quite a match for Petruchio.

PETRUCHIO - A gentleman of Verona, Petruchio has arrived in Padua seeking a wife. Overbearing, pompous and supremely confident, Petruchio sets his sights on Katherina as his future bride after hearing of the enormous dowry which her father has offered any man willing to marry her. Beneath his chauvinistic bravado, Petruchio can be charming and even compassionate.